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LER Network

There are two workgroups and a collaborative project in the LER Network.


Charter: This workgroup will identify the challenges within talent pipeline workflows that inhibit systemic adoption of LERs. To do so the workgroup will parse the complex pathways LERs need to traverse to generate use- cases that reflect pragmatic, focused s solutions. These may involve technological, procedural, and integration adaptations in consultation with all stakeholders in the talent pipeline.
It is important to note that this workgroup is not about creating new standards or technology, but rather to focus on the way in which existing standards, technologies and frameworks can be used to engage in the use of LERs to the benefit of the various stakeholders, including: Individuals, Employers, Education Providers, Technology Vendors, and Issuers of Alternative Credentials.
The mission of the Presentation Scenarios Workgroup (PS-WG) is to ...
The mission of LER's for Equity (LER-Equity) is to ...
Mission of SSE VC - The T3 Innovation Network will work with data standards organizations to develop data standards for single assertion verifiable credentials focusing on their third-party endorsement that could be used to address the needs in skills-based hiring and career advancement as well as other critical stakeholder use cases and applications. The T3 Network will establish a joint work group, including T3 and appropriate data standards organizations, to review the skills-based hiring and career advancement use case from the Jobs and Workforce Data Network (JWDN) (i.e., Project 1) as well as other critical stakeholder use cases.

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