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The T3 Network of Network's (T3N2) mission is to enable the digital transformation of the talent marketplace by promoting data interoperability and harmonization across diverse stakeholders, including: employers; education, training, and credentialing providers; government agencies; and technology partners. This digital transformation will ensure that (1) all learning counts; (2) skills are used like currency; and (3) learners and workers are empowered with data to pursue education and employment opportunities.
The purpose of this T3N2 Wiki is to support the work of the four Networks that make up the T3 Network of Networks. The mission of the four networks is set out below with the link to each network's wiki work space. If you would like to edit this Wiki, please contact the Network facilitators for the Networks you'd like to contribute to from the following pages for edit access. Thank you!


The mission of the Open Competencies Network (OCN) is to provide infrastructure to enable universal and equitable access to statements of knowledge, skills, abilities, and habits of practice or mind necessary to a thriving learn and work ecosystem including: employers; workers/learners; education, training and credentialing organizations; government; and other stakeholders.
The mission of the Data and Technology Standards Network (DTS) is to be a catalyst for global collaborative incubation and implementation of standards-based specifications and services that enable the learning and employment ecosystem envisioned by the T3 innovation Network. The mission is NOT to maintain standards, but to work with existing standards organizations.
The mission of Learning and Employment Record Network (LER) is to center the learner perspective in establishing equitable and inclusive best practices for the creation and sharing of records containing education, training, work, and individually acquired knowledge, skills/competencies and abilities using secure, tamper evident standard-based records. The LERN will develop, pilot, and share best practices and principles for issuance, curation, and presentation of LERs to others aligned with the verifiable credential model.
The Jobs and Workforce Data Network (JWD) is an open global network dedicated to improving the development, organization, sharing, and utilization of high-quality, standards-based job and workforce data to create greater value for employers, workers/learners, government, and other stakeholders and improve the efficiency and diversity, equity and inclusion of talent markets while protecting privacy for both employers and learners/workers.

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