Adoption and Implementation WG

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The Adoption and Implementation Barriers Workgroup (A&I WG) is a chartered, standing Workgroup that is open to any T3N2 members with an interest in focusing on how stakeholders can benefit from Learning and Employment Records (LERs). There are already a broad array of technical standards, technologies, open frameworks, and examples of organisations using them, to solve the current challenges in a rapidly changing employment environment.

The Context

We hear daily of the challenges emerging from work requirements impacted by technology and the shift of work between people and technology. There are ever widening skill gaps, requirements for hybridised workers, the changes of a "pandemic world", the challenges as we enter the post pandemic world, and "The Great Resignation". All stakeholders need to respond with new and innovative workforce management and participation strategies and practices. Individually, each of these problems is a significant challenge. In a world where we are confronted by all of them simultaneously, we need to rapidly develop new ways of rising to the challenge.

While we cannot hope to solve for all the variables simultaneously and at scale, we do have the tools already at our disposal to make a meaningful start on a longer journey.

Collaborative Effort

The T3N2 Networks are designed to be highly collaborative while each will contribute by focusing on its own chartered work. It is not feasible to consider the LERN or its workgroups satisfying the assigned outcomes without deep collaboration with other Networks and workgroups. ...

Workgroup Projects

This workgroup will undertake one or more projects to advance the Adoption and Implementation of LERs within the defined stakeholder communities and develop informational and guidance resources to promote and assist with the removal of known Barriers...