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All of the work of this network must be rooted in Use Cases that advance the objectives of one or more well-define Project Plans in service of the missions of the Network and the T3N2.

OCFC:PP-001: Develop DESM Project Configuration Dashboard

OCFC:PP-001 Working Document (Approved and Funded)

Project Description: This project plan defines work to be done in implementing a configuration dashboard for the Data Ecosystem Mapper (DESM) tool to facilitate the setup of the configuration profile by schema mapping leads. The plan and document including wireframes for configuring the Tool for a particular mapping project was developed as part of the work of OCF Collab Phase 2 in 2020.

Working Group: TAW

Project Period: December 17, 2021 ­— May 31, 2022

OCFC:PP-002: Availability and Enhancement of OCFC Competency Explorer

OCFC:PP-002 Final Document (Approved and Funded)

Project Description: This project will (1) ensure that a demonstrator instance of the OCFC Competency Explorer is maintained for the duration of the project; this will allow (2) the incremental evaluation and development of enhanced capabilities for competency search and retrieval.

Relevant Use Case: OCFC-UC:004

Working Group: TAW

Project Period: Sept 2022 ­— May 2023.