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RWSC Use Cases in Development

The RWSC has documented, classified and prioritised 39 use cases concerning the role of competencies in the learning and employment ecosystem covering searching for, mapping, aligning with and analysis of competency descriptions.

The TAW is now analysing these use cases to derive technical requirements on this wiki, especially those that relate to the Search Service, see TAW use case analysis. These requirements, when completed, will form the basis of further project proposals to develop the Search Service and and related initiatives.

Use cases directly impacting the OCFC search service will be set out in OCFC:UC-004 and OCFC:UC-005 Use cases on Competencies and Competency Frameworks that do not directly impact the OCFC search service in OCFC:UC-006 through OCFC:UC-nnn

OCFC:UC-004: Enhancing the OCFC Search Service Via Additional Data Points

Project Description (In Progress):
Enhance the search service and indexing to include data points for searching and filtering not included in the prototype indexing including associated occupation(s), license, publisher, learning opportunities, and the source registry.

OCFC:UC-005: Search Return of Skills and Competencies in Addition to Frameworks

Project Description (In Progress):
The current prototype OCFC registry search service currently returns a listing of the names of all competency frameworks in the network that satisfy the query. The user then selects a framework he or she wishes to explore further. In this use case the user asks instead that the service return the actual skills and competencies that satisfy the query while parenthetically including the name and URI of the competency frameworks in which they were found.